Origin of rae & ella.

June 21, 2013

I've been in debate whether I should post this as a post in it's individuality, or add it in my about me. I've been frequently asked who is rae and who is ella? I chose both names as it was a signature of myself:

The name Rae comes from the inspiration of my Father. Within it's own unique spelling I was heavily inspired by my Father's name Reynaldo. I took the beginning of his name "Rey" and transformed the spelling. The name Rae at a stand alone title wasn't quite enough..

I've had multiple nicknames as a child. One of them was Rachella (please note a heavily filipino accent is included when saying my nicknames aloud!) Which I quickly abbreviated to ella. Which concludes the signification of rae & ella.

When creating this blog, I wanted the look, and style to feel as if it was put together by multiples rather than an individual. I collect inspiration daily from everywhere and everyone. I love lending my hand and have creativity put a positive outlook in a person. Whether it's helping someone plan a wedding, party, or birthday. It's the simplicity of having others feel loved and thought of-

Enjoy & Cheers. xo

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