desert sunrise & early mornings.

July 26, 2013

Throughout my childhood and early teenage years, I've always considered two places my "2nd home" those two well known cities are: Palm Springs, CA. & Las Vegas NV. As typical as that may sound, my dear friends completely understand how well known & familiar I am with these two cities..With that being said: I've grown such a first love and appreciation for Palm Springs. About a month ago, when summer first started I thought it was in order to take a little trip, and appreciate this city that I'll forever adore.

6AM sunrise.

9:00AM morning desert adventures.

I always love waking up early mornings. Standing in the balcony, drinking coffee or tea and enjoying the sunrise. I'm normally up and about before 8AM, and back in my hotel room to cool off and sunbathe by 11AM. Yes, even on vacations i'm an early bird! Cherp Cherp xoxo

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