getty museum: south & west pavilion

August 13, 2013

If work was truly optional. Weekdays would be vacant and filled with tea rooms & museum venturing. I'm a big fan of visiting places during the week, as the crowds are nearly non-existent and traffic (depending what hour) is smooth sailing. Prior to summer I made a visit to the J. Paul Getty Museum, ate a delicious brunch, and instantly fell in love with The Life of Art exhibition.

I felt like a little girl in a candy store. I would stare at old Antique pieces for a long amount of time. I kept looking around to see if the security guards were looking, just so I can feel the wood grain, or textures of these beautiful 100+ years pieces. Everything reminded me of Marie Antoinette, especially the bed shown above. I was attracted to the gold finish along with the remarkable wood detailing. I couldn't get enough!

As some of you know, furniture has become such a passion on my end. I came across different Upholstered Side Chairs, took photos of them, once I got home I did research instantly. I wanted to embrace the process on how pieces where made back then. Research was quite easy as it shows the process of how carved wood is glided for such a classic beauty:

1. Apply the Gesso  
2. Re-cut the Gesso  
3. Add the Pigment 
4. Apply the Bole  
5. Glide  
6. Brush & Tone

I wonder how long the turn around time would be back then, or how different upholstery fabrics were produced. Oh these questions are endless. If you've read this, thank you for listening to my endless babble on interiors! 

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