happy friday

August 09, 2013

Summer lately has been quite busy. Now a days, my days off are filled going one place to another, sooner than I know it it's already after midnight! The weather has cooled down, but still warm enough to take a swim in the pool. Everyone is still in vacation mode, including myself.. I'm counting down the days until i'm back in the desert, and enjoying everything my 2nd home has to offer. In the meantime I wrapped up these little goodies for my god daughters, for their little vacation to Hawaii next week:

I put together coloring books, markers, stamps, and sticker books (of course all disney princess) for my gals so they have things to keep them occupied during the plane ride. I gave the little wrapped goodies to their mother and had her surprise my god daughters when she got home. I recieved a photo of them holding their gifts with the biggest smile on their faces! Now those are the things that warm my heart.

Happy Weekend xoxo.

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