weekend endings

August 19, 2013

Apologies for the lack of updates. As always summer is quite filled. I hope things will tone down a bit when Fall is upon us. I spent this last weekend in Palm Springs (later post w/ details).

I spent this weekend with my family (a summer ending tradition). The older I age, the more I do realize how valuable it is to have family close to you. This past weekend a new friend joined us, and kept saying- how lucky we are to have one another, and loves how close our bond is. I like to think that's how our parents raised all of us, to be close with our peers in your family, or possibly our culture. Whatever reason it maybe I'm so thankful and look up to all of my older cousins.

My mind is still in vacation mode. As I kept telling myself while passing through the windmills how much I didn't want to leave.. I'm unpacking now, and getting my schedule back in route, and getting in touch with people to pencil them in on my days off.. Yes, i'm dreading today as much as you.

Anyhoot, cheers to great company!

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