wednesday wrappings: after twelve is..

August 14, 2013

I'm such a sucker for twine, fabric ribbon, and endless butcher paper! August is now in it's full effect and Summer traditions are playing it's role. Last year while in Palm Springs we celebrated my cousin's birthday. She just turned 13 at the time, so I thought her theme should be "After Twelve is.."

I used materials that I've already had in my craft collection, including the Anthropologie ribbon I've had forever. Bright green doesn't sound too appealing but when used with settle colors, it all just flows perfectly together. My little cousin is big on crafting as well, so a huge stamp collection was called for.. This year around i'm putting together a little something different. After all, she is living that teenager life.. Oh how we all miss those days!

To my little cousin:
I hope your first week being a freshie is well. Can't wait to celebrate your birthday this weekend!

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