wednesday wrappings: engagement gift

August 07, 2013

I try to celebrate all the positive little things in life with the people around me. Whether it's a job promotion, graduation, new car/house, or engagement. It's always great to see happiness and joy with all my darling friends and family.

I absolutely love wrapping gifts, so any reason to be thoughtful and craft away i'll instantly take! I have a dear friend who works with me as our marketing/advertising guru. She recently got engaged to her long-time love, & has the most elegant vintage ring that goes perfect with her style. I instantly headed over to Antho, and found the perfect little jewelry dish to put her rings in!

I picked out this simple dish for her as I was instantly attracted to the red. At the time, Anthro was having a sale so I bought a handful of these in different colors and designs. I have a few that I use on my vanity, and I keep some on hand for a quick go-to gift.

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