a domestic thursday.

October 10, 2013

Whatever reason it was, I felt like today I needed to be around the house, especially in the kitchen. I left endless episodes of Sex & The City playing in the background, while I was in the kitchen cooking and baking away..

It was around noon already so I was instantly thinking lunch. I cut up baby eggplants from the farmers market. I sauteed the baby eggplants with fresh black pepper, garlic seasoning, extra virgin olive oil, and basil. I paired the vegetable with grilled chicken sprinkled with reggiano and sliced up avocados.

For dessert, I worked with everything I had in the kitchen, including a yellow cake mix and used this recipe to make a Fudge marble Pound Cake. The only struggle I had was when putting in the fudge. I tried to swirl it around, or add it deeper into the batter, but it came out all in one area throughout the cake. Regardless of that, it was still yummy and moist!

I seriously need to do this everyday, or to start every week!

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