afternoon delight: little tokyo

October 17, 2013

I spent a warm afternoon with my best friend in Downtown LA. We ended up at a bar near across the street from the Japanese Village. Little did we know how much refreshments we we're going to encounter. We spent an early afternoon enjoying each others company, and also the company of the bartender.

First off, I requested for every flavor of fresh fruits to be made into a Margarita. Within the hour I tried Blackberries, mangos, strawberries, pineapples, and kiwi. Surprisingly blackberries and pineapple we're my absolute favorite.

If you all know me very well. My hard liquor of chose is always Whiskey. I always have a glass of Whiskey, Jameson preferably at any social event. Before heading back to my place we drank a couple of these, walked around the city. Bought a bottle of wine and continued on with our afternoon at my place, doing what girls do. Drink wine, gossip, laugh, and play dress up! Cheers!

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