afternoon delight: seta

October 03, 2013

Along with the Holidays, there is a good amount of birthdays & celebrations going on prior to Christmas. A girlfriend and I are planning a birthday for a dear friend of ours at the beginning of November. We came across Downtown Whittier, which is still close to LA County, and just a quick hop on the freeway. We heard about Seta, and decided to visit the Farmers Market first, and have a sun kissed lunch there.

We came across a dining room, that was so sunlit. They had an entire wall as a window with a two canvas curtains effortlessly draping. After instantly seeing this room, we decided we have lunch there, and have our friend's birthday brunch here.

For Drinks & Lunch:
Grilled Stuffed Chicken with White Wine
Rye Turkey Sandwich with a vignagrette salad and Jalapeno Maragrita

For Dessert:
Fresh Baked Shortbread crust with Blueberry Cheesecake.

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