happy halloween

October 31, 2013

I hope everyone is dressed up, and feeling mighty festive. This year, I actually had a space where I can do a little decorating! I really wish I had more time as I was lacking paper cutouts of leaves and garland everywhere. I'd like to think it's not too late, and I can possibly incorporate that into Thanksgiving.

I brought out this vintage gold trim porcelain pumpkin that my mom has had for many years.. I paired it with this darling candle holder I got from a dear friend last fall! I kept it very simple, and somehow it matched with my sofa, pillows, and coffee table accents.

I've been bringing out my tea sets, and having friends over for evening or afternoon tea a few times a week. Oh how it feels so good to completely embrace Autumn. Have a great Halloween everyone, and enjoy the sweets and treats!

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