mornings at home.

October 04, 2013

As much as I continuously attempt to sleep in, the fact of the matter is i'm an absolute morning person. I tried twice this week to sleep in on my days off, I end up waking up 9AM the latest. The simple explanation is I love mornings so much. The chilled weather, the different shades of sunlight during sunrise, and the complete silence and calmness the morning hours provides.

Instead of slumber. I adore getting up, making coffee and cooking up a simple breakfast. I want to get back into the routine of defining the mornings, as time to myself.  This "alone" time is what keeps me together, and have a clear view on everything. It's funny how something so plain and un-eventful, play such an impact.

As you can tell in my living space, I favor bright colors, especially yellow. Hope you enjoy your mornings as much as me, & make sure to soak up the sun today, tomorrow, and Sunday. 

Happy Friday xoxo

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