wednesday wrappings: thrift findings

October 16, 2013

A while ago, I went out thrifting and came across a few goodies to gift to my little cousins prior to school starting.. My goodness, just typing out this post makes me missing thrift stores, and shopping around on Thursdays and Fridays. I've been trying to make it a day to go out to a Flea Market. I'm hoping when days cool down a bit I can anticipate to go to one on a Sunday.

Like always, I used materials I've had. I wrapped up each piece with Anthro tissue paper from years ago. Simple twine that I carry in various colors. Lastly, the "while you were out" tag was filled and put on with a little help of gold striped happy tape.

After wrapping up the great thrift finds. I headed over, and we had a picnic outside their backyard. We enjoyed catching up under one of their fruit trees. Ate sweets, and drank iced tea. As much as I didn't have enough picnics during summer. I anticipate to have more during Fall. Now all I need to look for are different sandwiches or small dishes to make. Oh how my mind is wondering now!

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