weekend endings

October 28, 2013

Yesterday after eating a delightful dinner. I wanted to make a quick stop to the new Kate Spade shop that opened close by a week ago! This new shop could possibly be the end of me as it is an outlet, and it's less than 15 minutes away! It saves such a trip, rather than driving nearly an hour and half. I'll spare the driving and get to shopping!

As the end of the year is coming up. A lot of birthdays, holidays, and celebrating will be in order. One of the first things, is Halloween and a birthday brunch a few days after. What more can a girl ask for than a little birthday sparkle, and class?! Jewelry from Kate is possibly the number one go to purchase. The style maintains it's simplicity and jazz. Not to mention how everything was at a steal at 40% to 50% off. So I came out the shop satisfied, excited, and ready to wear and wrap.

Happy Shopping everyone!

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