fall festive friday.

November 22, 2013

As much as I loved being cozy at home for the past two days and enjoying the comfort of great company, & warmth. I wanted to venture out today especially since it was a sunny, but chilly day. I did plenty of catching up today with my talented cousin.

We had a 6 course tea tasting. We started off with white & yellow teas, followed by oolong & green tea, and ending it with brick & black teas. It was interesting to learn the specifics of what regions each tea leaves come from. I even felt the effect of my tea as each cup left me feeling satisfied and completely relaxed! After tea tasting, we did an afternoon tea with tea sandwiches and warm freshly baked scones, it was perfection, since it was a gloomy cold afternoon.

After catching up and having endless cups of tea, we headed to a decoration/crafting shoppe nearby. I was on a search for the perfect ribbon to use for my thanksgiving treat bags. The selection was endless! It was difficult at times to focus on Thanksgiving things, as Christmas decor was everywhere. I simply looked away, and focused on the deep oranges, yellows, and reds!

Of course, always adoring the simple hoots. I fell in love with this ornament at PB. I was considering purchasing it. It can be the perfect decor to use during Halloween and use throughout Christmas! I would definitely get my money's worth! After a fall festive day of tea and shopping, I had pho for dinner, with warm jasmine tea. Now if only every Friday was like this!

Cheers to November!

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