fall part one: sunflower fields

November 19, 2013

When summer was ending, the transition to fall was a bit difficult as we had the summer Southern California weather during October.. I thought the best way to embrace and be in the mood for fall would be going to a Pumpkin Patch. On the way to Palm Springs, I stopped by a place right off the freeway. They had fields of newly grown pumpkins, corn fields, and lastly, sunflowers.

Mind you, this was my very first time ever going to a Pumpkin Patch. I felt like a little girl. The fields of Sunflowers where incredibly tall. I fell in love with the deep colors, it reminded me of fall colored leaves falling onto streets. It was so tempting to just cut a few and put it in my travel bag!

They had vintage tractors throughout the fields, carnival food, and old wooden cutouts to take your photographs of farm characters. It was an exceptionally warm day, but I couldn't help but run around and explore on the dirt!

I loved how they had vintage wagons available to everybody for pumpkin picking. It was so tempting to just go in between the sunflowers and run around. I'm such a sucker for countryside and farm views, this completely had me at such awe! This is definitely something I will be doing yearly now. xo

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