warm oven & oven mitts.

November 07, 2013

As you can tell, i'm such a sucker for table tops, kitchen necessities, and a good fabric with patterns/textures/colors. One of the things i've been wanting were oven mitts. I've been using his old Thanksgiving oven mitt set for years, and it was coming apart. I added Anthropologie oven mitts to my birthday list earlier this year.

Of course one of my dearest friends did deliver. She surprised me with these bright hues of blue oven mitts. Since then, I've been baking everything with them and it just compliments all of my dessert plates, dish towels, and cakes themselves.

I decided to try out the Marble Pound Cake again this time around, without using a Bunt Pan. I've also got down the "adding the fudge into batter" technique now. This cake could possibly be apart of the many baked goodie tin boxes for the Holidays. I still have a list to go thru and see! This gives me more of a reason to keep the oven on and fill the house with warmth!

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