lemonade's sweet treat

January 31, 2014

I'm sure everyone has been enjoying the cold weather here in Southern California. I wanted to take advantage of my day off and stroll around outside, and do a little shopping. I ate an early lunch by Old town, and walked over to Lemonade for dessert.

I always love coming to Lemonade. I love the food and of course the Lemonade itself. I came here a good amount of times during the summer. But for the winter, I do adore a good dessert with hot coffee or tea. My favorite go to sweets, is the giant Macarons they offer.

I stuck with the Pistachio Macaron as it is my all-time favorite, and had a little taste of the Caramel. These macaron's are so big that I only eat half of it, and save the rest for later when I'm home. I hope you all had a great sweet Friday! xo

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