one month later..

January 13, 2014

Time has passed by so quickly. It has been incredibly busy since the Holidays: work, friends, family, crafting, giving, celebrating etc etc. Apologies yet again on the lack of posts. One resolution I do plan to keep is to maintain the things I personally love- reading, crafting, writing, riding, and blogging.

This was taken on New Years Eve beachside in Venice close by to where I work. It's been a rocky New Year, but I have no doubt that things will turn around. I've like to make the assumption that it's growth since all the negativity is quickly changed in to a gaining experience, and a step closer to growth and being more comfortable with myself. I hope you all are going forth with your resolutions, it's still the beginning!

Let's maintain and proceed! xo

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  1. "maintain and proceed"-- I love that. Sounds like a new single in the making ;)