the antique store

January 30, 2014

Yesterday after having afternoon tea. The weather was just absolutely perfect, a little breeze, sunny, but a little chilly. We walked around the little downtown area in Montrose, and stumbled upon various Antique shoppes. We spent the most amount of time at one called The Antique Store.

I instantly was interested and incredibly intrigued with all the wood pieces & table tops. I adore Antique furniture as the construction of a piece was built differently, more carefully, and the wood was completely solid unlike the pieces we have now, mostly mass produced. I can go on and on but I'll stop here... (You can blame my work for this ha)

I was automatically drawn to all the tea cups, and tea pots. My face was glowing every time I came across a set, or cup and saucer. I loved the gold detailing on the tea cup above. By now, everyone knows that I adore the traditional sense of English High Tea. I love that all the tearooms, and shoppe's I go to are all English inspired. I can't wait to come back here, and see what other goodies they have!

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