weekend endings: sunday brunch

January 13, 2014

Ladies, admit it. There's something about Sundays & Brunch that flows perfectly together. Personally, Sundays are my favorite day of the week. The calmness and quietness that it provides in the morning as everyone is asleep and fully resting without a certain time to wake. It was gloomy yesterday, but I just wanted to embrace the gloom, since it's been warm here, I wanted to have a lovely meal outside with a close girlfriend xo.

As you all may know already, I'm a sucker for cups and saucers. I loved the simplicity of the black rim in these cups they served with Coffee. It instantly had inspired me to look for similar onea, but in Navy Blue. I'm thinking maybe Sur La Table will have a set!

Crepes are my absolute go-to. I can thank my mother for that as she introduce me to Crepe's when I was younger. I had a spinach, cheese, mushroom, and tomato crepe, with fresh fruit. It was amazing, and portion was perfection. I'm already anticipating for this coming Sunday's brunch. I'm going to try my best to make tea or brunch a weekly ritual. Join me!

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