fruit & cupcakes.

February 27, 2014

It's been a little while since I put anything in the oven to bake. I recall the last time would be Valentines Day (I baked up my famous chocolate chip cookies). I truly miss baking weekly, and trying out different ways of topping cupcakes. I wanted to be heavily inspired again. So I gathered up cupcakes i've made with the fruit toppings i've added. Hopefully I can do some baking today or tomorrow and make the kitchen a little warm throughout these rainy days!

{Vanilla cupcakes with blueberries}

{Vanilla cupcakes with mango and strawberry}

{Chocolate cupcakes with Strawberries}

{Strawberry cupcakes}

All this fruit is making me want to bake more things with fruit pairings! I've been wanting to experiment/make pies. Cherry, apple, or peach in particular. Maybe this could be a nice little project to do around Easter? Oh, my head is bursting with ideas!

Until then XO.

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