happy valentines day.

February 14, 2014

I have been so festive with Valentines Day this year. Last night I crafted with my little nephew so he can have little goodies to give to his pre-school buddies. I received multiple gifts in the mail yesterday all wrapped red chevron! Also a gift of French macarons, that I have yet to indulge in..

As festive as I am. I'm sure you all know the flow of how I decorate. I did a little more bunting this February. Instead of classic triangles, I cut out red hearts. I also made another set for my little nephew and niece! I'm surprised that red went with everything in my space. It complimented each other very well, I may say.

I always have my coffee table with different arrangements fitting to the occasion. I brought out my candy jars that have been stash away in the pantry. The ribbon has been re-used from various Holidays, my nephew's birthday, and of course Valentines Day. I made different sizes of heart-on-a-stick, I even personalized some and gave them away in a cute vintage vase. Lastly, I chose old vintage books in different tones of red, and added a little kitchen book that I purchased from Anthropologie years ago.

From my love, to yours, Happy Valentines Day!

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