heart happenings.

February 12, 2014

These days off are filled and full of prepping, crafting, and cutting out hearts for Friday. I have a tradition with my little nephew. Where we craft together for Valentines Day, and he gives all his little classmates handmade goodies. I've been prepping quickly for that, all the while, crafting for my space, and adding finishing touches to gifts, before sending them away..

{An endless sea of Valentines Day candy.}

{My little nephew loves Ninja Turtles, green cut out hearts is a must!}

{Festive messy desk, goodie bags, candy jars, and all.}

My desk is nearly clear now without the hectic and festive mess. I have a feeling i'll be crafting until Friday. I'm trying to figure out if I could get some baking in. I'd love to bake some cupcakes and cookies. We'll see if that's a possibility..

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