sending out love.

February 18, 2014

I think it all started when my cousin moved to San Francisco for college. It was such a big deal for me as I was so used to him being close by. I wanted to make sure we always kept in touch and that he would always be reminded that someone from LA and Southern California missed him. So every time I would craft for the Holidays, or I would wonder around town, I would aways send him things and cards throughout the years. NowI do this with other family members, and friends to whom live in the east coast, or up north.

As much as I craft, I keep a basket full of stationary. I also have a great amount from Target from their dollar section! Since i'm such a sucker to detail, I always seal the envelope. Whether it's floral, doilies, or happy tape, it always gives it that perfect finishing touch! Check your mailboxes on Thursday or Friday! xo

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