weekend endings: bike & brunch.

February 17, 2014

I can officially say that Valentines Day is over. I still have some gifts and cards to mail out, other than that crafting is all at an end. I still love the decor in my space, and probably will keep it up until March.. Can you believe next week is already March?! Time sure flies..

Meet Felipe, I got this bicycle as a gift for Christmas. Boy, it's all that I ask for in a bike. What i'm surprised most about it, is how it fits me perfectly. I'm short, I almost reach a height of 5'1". I was considering buying a kids bike for the sake of it fitting me properly, but this Schwinn Hybrid fit me quite well! The bike basket, was hard to find but I did manage to find the right one, thanks to a little recommendation!

I normally bike ride in the evening, since I only had time at night. I made more of an effort to push my sleep cycle, and wake up a little more earlier than usual. Yesterday, I woke up at sunrise. Relaxed a bit, and went on a morning bike ride to a local market. I decided to get a few things and have a little brunch at home!

I picked up some goodies at a bakery, and groceries with some champagne. It was a quiet Sunday morning, and I couldn't ask for anything more! I hope everyone had a great Love day weekend, and I hope most of you are enjoying your day off today! XO.

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