anchor bunting.

March 17, 2014

I knew when crafting for baby L. Belle's birthday it had to be girly and nautical. I instantly thought of the anchor/sailor things at PS. I came across their streamers which instantly gave me inspiration for bunting stripes and anchors. The colors where simple: baby pink & navy blue. I was fortunate enough to have everything on hand. All I had to do was get an anchor template and I was good to go!

{Anchor cut outs using construction paper.}

{Happy gal, happy bunting!}

Anytime I make streamers/bunting I always hang them out in my bedroom to see it's entirety. It's just so funny how much a difference bunting can make a room look girly/kiddy/childish (photo above). Either way it was pretty to look at. It flowed perfectly at the birthday party, which will be another post of it's own ;)

Material on hand: Construction paper from dollar store, and bakers blue & white twine from PS.

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  1. Love the anchors. If you were involved, I'm sure it turned out adorbz.