cupcake toppers.

March 19, 2014

One of the many things on my list when doing L. Belle's party decor was cupcake toppers. Cakes and cookies where are already being professionally made ;). I decided to make strawberry cupcakes which i'll share in another post. I wanted to incorporate something else other than an anchor. I found a seashell rubber stamp so I instantly thought of the color coral. I wanted a little pop other than navy blue, so I found a polka dotted sheet and used that as the background.

I made about 3 dozen toppers (yes, I went overboard). I had a few little extras to put on other desserts. It came out absolutely festive and perfect. I also added a little blue sprinkle to the cupcake which gave it the nautical feel! Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes among the other desserts!

Materials on hand: Ivory/White textured card stock, toothpicks, lake dots paper, scallop seashell stamp, anchor stampcolor box ink pads, and washi tape from the dollar store.

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