downtown las vegas.

March 31, 2014

Oh my, how it's already going to be April! March was filled with so many great things, a handful of little vacations, crafted up a storm, and celebrated birthdays. Not to mention apart of the little vacations, I took a trip to Vegas about a week and a half ago. I wanted this visit to strictly embrace Vegas itself. I didn't do the 20-year-old-something routine no day clubs, no clubs- Strictly eating, shopping, drinking, and of course adoring all the neon signs.

I wanted to make it a point to go to Fremont St. As i've haven't gone in so long. I must admit it has a completely different scenery and crowd. Although, nothing compares to it's old classic decor and flashing lights. I wish I had more time to explore there and really see the interior of each hotel, maybe that's an excuse to make another trip again real soon! We'll see ;)

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