girls night out.

March 05, 2014

It's so rare when my girlfriends and myself are free at the same time. We planned a date were we can all get together, drink wine, and have a lovely dinner. Of course being in my mid-twenties I do enjoy glasses of (white) wine or liquor (whiskey preferred). In this case we had endless glasses of wine.

{one of my favorite red wines}

{Antiparso sardo was amazing & was great amount to share}

We found this cute Italian restaurant owned by an Italian couple. They brought over their recipes from Italy and incorporated them here in the states. The food was amazing, and there was no corkage fee. I spent hours with my girls laughing, catching up, and planning ahead for what's to come. After dinner, we headed over to one of the girls houses and continued on the wine and opened a bottle of Whiskey. Low-key relaxing nights are what I enjoy most. It clearly just shows, i'm getting old!


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