how do you (leisure) work?

March 07, 2014

I feel like work is non-stop now a days. Whether I'm at work in Santa Monica, or putting in here on rae&ella. I have some-what of a balance going on, but I really need to keep a firm schedule and routine when it comes to crafting, posting, photos, and social media-ness. I think it's excessively important to have a great work environment. Whether your at a desk-job home away from home, or if you're passionately doing something on your free time. Space and atmosphere is key. This is how I work at home..

{Water Color Calendar from Paper Source on sale!}

{Blue/Red & White twine} 

{Wrapping/sheet paper}

I try to keep a basic color scheme going on. Sometimes it can get incorporated with other colors but it all seems to flow perfectly. Half of the things on my desk are gifts from loved ones. The hand painted color clothes pin I use to hold wrapping paper/sheet paper are from my little sis. The basket with colorful twine is from my little cousin. Also the simple wood frame chalkboard overseeing everything is from G. I adore how well my loved ones know me.

Back to work and more crafting.
Happy Friday!

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