missing the little travels.

March 13, 2014

All this warm sun shining weather and blue skies makes me miss the desert so much! Especially this time of year as the warmth of spring is nearly upon us. I keep day dreaming of wanting to get away, and be in a different atmosphere. Here is the last time I went to Palm Springs, the weather was warm, bright, and it all took place during Fall/Winter.

{Book on The Saguaro Hotel,  Latte from Koffi, & Macarons}

{Colorful pallet and vintage detail}

{Bike rides through the hotel, and residents}

{Quiet calm mornings overlooking the pool}

I have a tradition of going to Palm Springs each year for my birthday. I have no plans of it this year as travel plans are more geared to further destinations ;). I hope when Spring Break and Coachella smooths over I'll be able to go back to PSP, and truly enjoy the authenticity of the city I adore and love so.

Favorite Hotels in Palm Springs: Movie Colony (hidden gem), The Saguaro (shown above), 7 Springs Inn & Suites (best priced), & Ace PSP

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