oh, the places he'll go.

March 06, 2014

One of my closest cousin's job description includes a ton of traveling. As sweet and thoughtful as he is, he always picks something for me anywhere and everywhere he goes. The other day I was organizing my things and I stumbled upon a few things he's gotten me here in Ammmurrrrrka. Trust me this isn't even half the things he's gifted me. Some include tea from Australia, interior books from the middle east, a teacup from the UK, etc.

{Goodies from New York, Austin TX, and San Francisco}

The red leather bookmark from NYPL, is probably the one I use most/daily. Vintage blueberry incense, and vintage coupon book he got me a few years back on his first trip to SXSW. A pirate gold/black label from the 826 Valencia Pirate Store. Lastly, a few well-known stickies.

{Vintage floral silver tray wrapped up}

I love how my friends/family gift me things that I can also craft with. The vintage coupon book from Austin has so much variety. I made a little "pre-paris" gift kit. I added a Vintage floral silver tray (shown in the 1st photo near underneath the incense) along with gold polkadot jars ;), and Midnight in Paris to view.

Materials used: Recycled Antho tissue paper, Recycled bakers twine from Christmas, and this Black dot tape from Target.

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