staycation at the langham.

March 27, 2014

Earlier this month while work was hectic and busy, during the few days I have off in the week I stayed at the Langham with my dearest friend. I am definitely an old soul. I love traveling and exploring during the week as spaces, rooms, and atmospheres seem to be empty, free, and quiet. After an 13 hour work day I un-winded and that's when my staycation started..

{Bright hallways with fresh fruit under timeless portraits.}

{Indulging French Macarons in the hotel room.}

{The endless comforts of a King (bed).}

{Always bloggin!}

Endless things I love about this place: The location is just a few minutes away from home, but seems worlds away. The endless windows that brighten up the space during daylight. The classic style of decor, marble floors, old paintings, stainless steel and brass decor, I can go on and on!

One thing I do want to fully experience at the Langham is the Afternoon Tea. I've had tea there before when it was the Ritz Carlton but with the recent transition I have yet to attend Tea. Maybe this could be a possible location for my Birthday next month? Mmmmm something to ponder over..

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