happy april: fruit & tea.

April 02, 2014

Today definitely feels like a "lazy Sunday" type of day. With the crisp air blowing, and the bright skies passing can't help to think cold weather rarely exists here in Southern Calif. As we consider this "cold" i'm going to soak all of it up. Sooner than we know it's going to be warm and sunny. After getting a few phone calls and emails done, I brewed up hot water, and decided to have afternoon tea at home along with fruit!

{Took out one of my favorite teapots from my collection.}

{Fresh cut watermelons with a pinch of sea salt.}

{Missed matched cup & saucer from my collection w/ green fruit tea.}

I can't believe it's already April. I remember just planning and crafting things for L. Belle's birthday in the beginning of March! I've got things to focus on, money to make, and planning, a lot of planning. Not to mention I do love this month as it is my birthday, along with other loved ones. Much celebrating will be happening. Can't wait to unfold here!

Happy April. XO

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