rose tree cottage: shoppe.

April 22, 2014

I've passed this place many many times. I've never made an effort to try this place out until this year. I wanted to make it a point of trying out the Rose Tree Cottage as it could be a great birthday location. Prior to having tea, I roamed around the beautiful house and explored their shop!

{Entrance to the tearoom}

{Antiques and photographs from London throughout the shop.}

{Fruity bubbly to serve for afternoon tea, and for sale.}

{Assortment of vintage mugs for tea & coffee.}

I wanted to get a shopping basket and put everything in there! They had an amazing selection in antique tea cups, jams, and their packaged freshly made scones are so hard to resist! Prior to seating for tea, the tearoom advises to come 15 minutes early, which gives everyone the opportunity to roam around, explore, and shop! It was a great experience, can't wait to share the afternoon tea with you all in another post! Xo.

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