wedding card choices.

April 15, 2014

In the beginning of the year I helped my colleague create her wedding invitations. This was such an exciting and challenging project for me, as I've never crafted for a wedding before. Figured, I should start now since I'm at that age we're most folks are getting engaged or married. No worries, that's not in the cards for me anytime soon ;) But I sure love to help the ones that are! One of the first steps I wanted to do is really see what the bride-to-be wanted as for style, color schemes, and simplicity. Simplicity was key for her, so I started off by crafting up 3 to 4 different styles, and have her choose and combine the ones she loved most.

{Gold & Mint accent tags from Martha Stewart}

{Cream & gold chevron from Paper Source}

{twine & felt accents from anthropologie 4 years ago}

{Nature themed leaf stamp from Joanns}

Most materials I had on hand, she had provided the cards itself for me to craft on. After choosing the one she loved we then went over the details inside the invitation, and the envelopes. It came out absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to share with you all later this week or next!

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