wedding gift.

May 27, 2014

Becoming a young woman in her mid-twenties, I suppose gifting for weddings should be common. Believe it or not, this is my 1st time actually buying a gift for a newly wed couple. What made it a little more special is the fact that I helped craft their wedding invitations. At the time of looking for a gift, I admit I focused more on the bride rather than the "married couple". I wanted to get her something that signifies her marriage, and showcase her love..

My first initial thought was Kate Spade. I looked thru the Bride To Be section and found this dainty gold necklace. It fits the brides style, and is a perfect layering piece! I made a card to go with the Kate Spade gift. It had gold stripes and inside the card states: "before saying I do, she said yes" which fit the occasion and gift perfectly.

Now knowing the style for the bride to be's wedding, I knew I wanted to craft something up for my 2nd part of the gift. I was just given a new embossing gun, and wanted to craft up things. Making "thank you" cards for the bride to be was exactly what I wanted to craft! It all flowed perfectly, I even bought vintage floral postage stamps for each envelope!

I'm thinking this won't be bad to craft up cards for other occasions and gift them, it would be such a useful gift don't you agree?

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