weekend ending: mothers day.

May 11, 2014

Greetings readers!
I'm finally back. The ending of April and the beginning of May was truly embraced and celebrated. Prior to Easter, early birthday celebrating began and until now the celebration has finally come to an end (for now). I enjoyed the weekend working by the beach with this lovely weather (what's new?!), and spending some wholesome good times with my immediate family and a few cousins.

I took my mother out for brunch this morning. Savory and sweet crepes were indulged. For dinner, we enjoyed a simple BBQ with fresh fish from the pacific, drank red wine, and enjoyed each others company! The saying "Can it get any better than this?" and "Each year just keeps getting better and better" is repeated in my head the past month. Cheers to our family, friends and good times! On with the show- I spent a day last week with LM and had a craft day. These are the goodies I crafted for all my darling Mothers out there:

Most materials I did have on hand. Gray cardstock is from Michaels, and the Laced textured tape was actually from a Japanese Store. I'm thinking I need to make a trip back soon and stock up on the Lace! I sent some of the Mother's Day cards out on Friday. Some of my dear Mothers i'm close with, will get it tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great weekend and great time with their Mothers! XO

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