weekend endings: atwater village

May 25, 2014

I've been spending much more of my time in the North-Eastside of Los Angeles. I've made it more of an effort to explore around and visit family (especially nanay) in that area. Prior to my visits to my Nanay, I did a little exploring near Los Feliz/Hollywood Bowl and found myself in Atwater Village. I've always pass through, but never seen what's around. It has it's own little area with local shops, cafes, and coffee shops. I came across Bon Vivant and had to try the best meal of the day: Breakfast!

{Italian breakfast sandwich}

{Chocolate coconut cupcake & black current iced tea}

It's much more spacious than what it looks on the outside. It was quite lovely having breakfast, and the weather was a bit sunny but not incredibly hot. I would want to try more of the coffees and teas that they offer.. Which would be another reason to go again! Possibly when the weather cools down!

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