hello hello.

June 17, 2014

Hi there!
Still playing catch up, but I'm trying my best to make an effort to post as much as I can!

I'm a god mother to three god daughters. I have a very special relationship to their mothers as they raised me since I was just 2 months old. Every time I get to spend time with my older cousins.. I always make sure to give little goodies to all 3 of my god daughters!

The oldest god daughter, I have a tradition with her with Pop Rocks, ever since she was in kindergarden I promised her on holidays, and special occasions I would gift her this treat. this was no special occasion, it was just because!

My Twin god daughters, I both got girly headbands and little play jewelry. I had all the materials on hand. The goodie bags may look familiar as it was left over from L. Belle's birthday party. They loved all their goodies. They sent me a photo with big smiles and posing with their brand new gifts!

It's always the little things that can brighten up anyone's day. XO

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