table top & tea cabinet.

June 23, 2014

As you all know I have a lovely collection of tea pots, cream & sugar sets, and tea cups. I've collected them throughout the years. Most of them come from Anthropologie, the rest are from antique shops, gifts, and disneyland (alice in wonderland). I've never really had a home for my collection, it would mostly be scattered in shelves, kitchen cabinets, and even in the living room. I didn't want to rush into getting a cabinet as I wanted to find the right one. I came across a post from @kattanita's instagram, which inspired me for the style of a tea cabinet for myself.

Kat's Cabinet is from ikea, she purchased the HEMNES glass door cabinet. It looks so amazing in her place! When I saw the price, I thought it was reasonable ($360.00), but knew I could get something similar at ikea for much cheaper. With some research I found the BORGSJO glass cabinet for over half the price ($135.00).  The dimensions are very similar, the only distinct features I see that are different are the separation of the Glass doors, and base. Other than that it looks completely similar!

I took some time from this weekend to organize my space and add my full collection to the piece. I even added a little flat weave rug from Ikea for under 4 dollars! After putting everything together, it made me want to throw parties at home so I can put all my collection to use! The next little project is finding the perfect tea cart, not bar cart, tea cart :). I have my eye on a wicker one, hopefully it'll be the winner! XO

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