welcome home.

June 09, 2014

I spent the last few weeks of May and first week of June in Paris, France, and San Francisco (before heading back to LA). My initial plan was to go to Paris during my birthday, but we couldn't pass up a deal to go a month later. I have so much to share from my trip, I will be posting weekly and will be breaking it up into neighborhoods.

In the meantime, I'm playing catch up at home, and trying to settle back into the routine. Settling is quite difficult as major changes are happening at home, and in my career. All good news, so not to worry. As overwhelming it is, It's nice to just relax and enjoy this perfectly warm weather here in Southern California. Not to mention the little Welcome Home gift I got from my little sister.

{Succulents from my sis from Etsy}

{Black tea & an almond croissant from a local asian bakery.}

I've been spending all day today outside on the patio. Drinking tea, working, reading, and just sunbathing! It makes me crave a trip to Palm Springs. I'm trying my best to be patient as I will be going soon. Traveling definitely keeps the momentum in wanting to travel even more! I had the best time and will be sharing soon! XO

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