congrats bride & groom!

July 17, 2014

Now we're back to wedding crafting..

I have this numerous conversation with everyone how it seems that weddings are definitely in the air. From the top of my head I know 7 that are happening this summer, in which 3 has passed. I'm fortunate enough to help make the big day come to life, but in other ways I also craft up some things to give to the new bride and groom.

In this case it was my older cousin's wedding reception in Stevenson Ranch. I crafted up a card for them to congratulate them on their new journey. I loved how my crafting style matched their reception. As you all notice, I do more of a "rustic"/"vintage" feel. It was my first time actually repeatedly using rubber stamps as a pattern ( I should work on lining them up). All together, it came out sweet :)

We spent the evening outside the summer sunset, eating cake, dinner, and catching up. It felt so great to be with that side of the family. I hope to see everyone again soon! XO.

Materials On Hand:
Stamp set, Washi Tape, and number tags from Anthropologie.
Twine from Michaels,
and Vintage Trade Coupon Book from Christian.

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