rae&ella at home.

July 22, 2014

I've posted photos of my space here and there. I've noticed lately i've been embracing my space and showing it off a little more. After a year, I'm settled in. Many things are still missing or needs to be in it's permanent place.. I've learned that being settled takes time, and finding the right furniture, art piece, or even sheets take time. So here are some stills which you've seen on my instagram:

Work Area Decor: These are just a few things hanging above my desk. The chalkboard was a birthday gift I got last year from G. Paris calendar illustration (Rifle Paper Co) was from Alice before we went on our trip to France. The little photo of the polaroid is from a Library in Washington from my little sis that she mailed over to me a few years ago. Lastly, the watercolor calendar is from Paper Source in which I got for sale earlier this year (under 6 dollars!)

Bed Decor: I'm sure you've seen this white iron bed throughout blogs and instagram. I myself, love this white iron bed. I've been in a twin size bed all my life until last year! >.<. This bed is from ikea and I actually got it under $100! What a steal. My duvet covers and pillow cases are also from Ikea. My throw pillows and throw blanket is from the Threshold collection from Target

Lounge Area Decor: As you can see this photo was apart of my previous post. This area is probably what you see most of on my IG feed/Blog posts. I showcase all my crafting here and love changing up my coffee table all the time! I'll keep this simple- My sofa was actually from my Aunts second home. She was getting rid of her furniture so I couldn't pass up the offer on taking her love seat! Everything on the sofa is from Target. The little tea towel you see on the coffee table, and R on the wall is from Anthropologie. 

Not shown here is my tea cabinet, styling area, birdcage and book collection. This is just a post on the main areas of my space. Later this year possibly during the holidays when the decor is festive i'll do a post on everything. Until then hope you guys like my little home :)

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