waffle kinda day.

July 30, 2014

I've spent the beginning of this week doing a little exploring, since it's been a little more gloomy it's a bit less scorching. I spent a little bit of time having breakfast, shopping, and getting dessert in Old Town Monrovia, and Sierra Madre.

Apparently D and I were in a waffle-kind of mood- The way I favor tea, is the way D favors Ice Cream. I asked if she could take me to a good ice cream place, she had one in mind that she knew I would enjoy: Mother Moo Creamery. I loved how it was small and cozy, and had all the things I would enjoy in a kitchen (mason/vintage jars and props galore). I've always past by this place when going to have Afternoon Tea. It was exciting to finally try it!

I saw how giving their scoops were so I ended up just getting a single Coffee Bean scoop on their famous freshly made waffle cones. It was a little messy to eat towards the end, next time I'm definitely going to get a waffle bowl and get their fresh strawberry flavor!

Prior to dessert, we had a later breakfast at The Peach Cafe. Which I ended up ordering the Hickory Maple Waffles. It was exactly what I needed to start the day, I was also in luck since the strawberries and syrup where sweet and delightful as well!

Happy Brunching XO

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