afternoon (iced) tea.

August 12, 2014

I had the pleasure of hosting a few lunch ins and afternoon tea at home. Since it's summer, hot tea doesn't really fit the criteria in cooling off and relaxing. I decided to get a few iced tea's to brew and even make my own at home. One Friday, I had my dear cousin over, we spent Friday afternoon cooking and gathering everything together for afternoon (iced) tea. We had little fresh wontons made, along with chicken sandwiches, and little desserts. This time around, we had a Simple Arnold Palmer.

The following day, I had a close girlfriend come over after dinner. I made a batch of Peach & Mango Iced Tea, and bought a dozen French Macarons. It was nice to not spend money, look for parking, pay for parking etc.. It was swell to just have some quality time at home. Also it was nice to use some of my table top from my tea collection. I'm planning on doing something similar this weekend if I have time. Any ideas towards what small dishes I can make?!

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