drink tea while you study.

August 30, 2014

Along with bunting for L's dorm, I gifted her a few other things, such as mason jars to put her pencils and paper clips in, candles, and note pads. L mentioned to me that she wanted to bring tea along with her so she can drink it in the evening and in the fall when it cools down. What better way than putting together a little tea set with tea bags for her!

Gifting tea bags or tea leaves is always my go to. When gifting tea I always stick to the popular teas: Green tea, Sleepy time, and Chamomile. I always have a bunch on hand so I just take out my tea collection and go from there. I also have a lovely collection of tea themed rubber stamps gifted by family and friends so I put the one her sister gave me to use! The tag, is something I have template of as well and quickly cut from. The teapot and cup set was actually from an antique store I purchased a while back. I've noticed my tea cups are pretty much all in pairs and with a saucer so I wanted to give this little set a lovely home and what better way than L's dorm.

She was thrilled when I brought this out for her as she didn't have a mug nor any tea with her on her first night. I can't wait for it to be a bit cooler so I can give her the holiday ones! I'm sure she'll love them! XO

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