neutral bunting.

August 29, 2014

Earlier this week, I was helping Leanna move into her dorm {I'm getting old!}. L has really similar taste to mine, she's a little more rustic and loves neutral and calm tones. Her sister and I helped her pick out a few things for her dorm, we went to various places to get bedding, necessities, and dorm decor. The decor we picked out on the other hand wasn't more so bright patterns and colors as you would see at Target. It just so happens that the bedding she chose was one of the same patterns I use for my bed. I wanted to craft something up for her that would spruce up her dorm. What better way than bunting!

I used my bedroom as an example to match the colors, as she had had white and blue stripes for her duvet {which you can see a hint of on my pillowcase} and dark grey sheets. I gathered together three different patterns that were: beige, light gold, and ivory. I keep a pile of templates for crafting so making this for L had very little labor. I hung the bunting up above my bed to see if the colors would compliment the blue tones in her dorm and they did! I sent her a photograph (above photo) and she loved it! Later that night we headed to Orange County to her dorm and put everything together. I also gifted her other things to make her study time a little more cozy which will be in my next post! 

I hope you had a great first day of college L.

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