orange county fair

August 11, 2014

For someone who has never been to the OC fair, I went both Friday & Saturday. I figured I should get my full experience in before it ends. I've heard from family and friends that OC Fair is better than LA County Fair, but i'll be the judge of that. Since the heat hasn't subsided I went to the fair both days late afternoon, got to enjoy the sunset, and adore all the neon lights. Not to mention the food!

There was so much fried food, as we all know it's un-healthy, but I got to try a good amount of it. Not to mention before going to the fair I did come across this list. Not shown I tried the Gouda Bacon fries, their mexican food, fresh squeezed lemonade, and their Red Velvet funnel cake. I loved the mexican food out of everything, and couldn't get enough of their lemonade. I'll definitely be going yearly now and will add this to my summer to do list for 2015!

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